Freselle Customs Agency OÜ is the biggest customs agency in Estonia!

We are operatng more than 32 000 m2 of customs bonded warehouses.
We can serve you through our office network – Narva, Luhamaa, Maardu, Loo, Ülemistes (airport ) and Muuga port! 

It does not matter if you act as a importer, exporter, wholeseller or retailer if your sihimpents are moved by air, sea, road or railway - Freselle Customs Terminal will take care of customs formalities.

• Do you know what is carefree customs clearance?
• Are your customs declarations, documents and taxation information available online?
• Would you like to benefit from tax optimisation or deferment?

20 years of experience and the best software solution will give you more than just an accurate declarations - we will deliver success for you supply chain management. 

Combined logistics solutions decrease costs and taxes.

It is so good to see how things work out easily. But still – nothing just happens in the world. We know how to make your things work.

Freselle Customs Agency is a perfect logistical project for you – together we will find out the needs and develop the best solution. And then everything just works… Works easily, for our knowledge and experience guarantee advice, opportunities and solutions for you.

If you want to:
Avoid - using legitimate duty relief schemes,
Reduce - using duty planning techniques, or
Postpone - through the use of duty deferment, customs warehousing, etc.

We are the one you need to solve your problems with taxes and customs.

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