Customs bonded warehouse

Freselle Customs Agency LTD renders services in Freselle Container & Rail Terminal, Nehatu Logistics Park and Airport Terminal which offers definite advantages for cargo owners. The following benefits: simplified porcedure of changing cargo ownership, unlimited period of cargo storage without declaring of customs regime also attract transit shipments and international transactions.

We operate 32 000m2 of customs warehouse facilities.

We offer value added services:

Sorting of goods,
Cargo insurance,
Warehouse software managing.
Customs warehousing is intended for those who:
  • wish to deliver goods to customs warehouse or out of it;
  • are performing or wish to perform treatment procedures of goods in customs warehouse;
  • import or export goods from third countries and wish to avoid payment of import charges;
  • transport/forward goods originating from EU
The main advantage of a customs warehouse is in postponement of taxes. Goods are kept under customs supervision until the next customs procedure (import, transit, etc.) is applied. Payment of import charges will take place during the registration of goods for free circulation. Goods can be delivered from one customs warehouse into another without paying import charges.  Also there is no obligation to pay import charges in case of goods exported from a customs warehouse.

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