Exice warehousing

Excise warehousing is intended for those who:

  • are authorized warehouse keepers or wish to become one;
  • wish to deliver goods to an excise warehouse or out of it;
  • are performing or wish to perform operations with excise goods in an excise warehouse;
  • import or export excise goods;
  • transport/forward excise goods;

Excise suspension arrangement – Member States must use excise suspension arrangement in the common market to simplify alcohol trading. The system allows registered traders or warehouse keepers to produce, store, receive, and send goods without paying the excise. The system allows traders to postpone payment of excise duty before release for free circulation. Excise duty must be paid when the goods have been delivered for consumption or acquired by an unregistered private person.

Our services:
  • development of a system necessary for handling of excise goods;
  • applying for required licences and activity licences from customs;
  • consultation about tax management and logistic cycles;
  • development of work arrangement;
  • consultation about necessary documents and instructions;