Customs warehousing

Customs warehousing is intended for those who:

  • are authorized warehouse keepers or wish to become one;
  • wish to deliver goods to customs warehouse or out of it;
  • are performing or wish to perform treatment procedures of goods in customs warehouse;
  • import or export goods from third countries and wish to avoid payment of import charges;
  • transport/forward goods originating from EU

A customs warehouse is a building, space, room, part of a room, fenced or clearly marked area accepted by customs as a customs warehouse and used by a customs warehouse keeper. There are technical requirements and conditions imposed by customs on customs warehouses and their working order. A customs warehouse keeper must pay a guarantee cover in a certain form and amount to the Tax and Customs Board for securing the payment of duty and other charges.

The main advantage of a customs warehouse is in postponement of taxes. Goods are kept under customs supervision until the next customs procedure (import, transit, etc.) is applied. Payment of import charges will take place during the registration of goods for free circulation.

Goods can be delivered from one customs warehouse into another without paying import charges.  Also there is no obligation to pay import charges in case of goods exported from a customs warehouse.

Our services:
  • development of a system required for customs warehousing;
  • applying for necessary licences and activity licences from customs;
  •  tax management and consultation about logistic cycles;
  • development of work arrangement;
  • consultation about necessary documents and instructions;